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Child-friendly bake kits full of deliciousness.

Kids are superstars at licking the bowl, but now it’s time for them to take the lead in the kitchen with a new range of yummy treats with seriously simple recipes.

Designed for kids 4+

Simple recipes, no ovens!

Champions independence

Plastic-free gift idea

Every kit comes
with colour-coded bags and easy to follow


We've simplified our recipes down to 5 or 6 ingredients, along with super visual recipe cards that feel like you're following Lego instructions. 

All our recipes are bake-free, which means the kids will be working with basic kitchen utensils, a fridge, and sometimes a quick spin in the microwave. 

To top it off, all of our packaging is kind on mother earth. 

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A pretty simple, new idea for kids.

Hungry Eyes is the brainchild of a foodie mum and creative dad keen to give their kids, and all kids, a little more independence in the kitchen. 

Knowing how much we all helicopter our young ones, allowing them to help out with the simple tasks, like taste-testing, these new easy-to-follow kitset recipes are designed for kids to take on all by themselves.

No hot ovens required or fancy multi-functional mixers, just a pair of finger-licking hands, a can-do attitude and some very hungry eyes. And when you see the look on their face when they proudly show off their creation, you’ll see why we thought this idea was worth sharing with the world.


Han, Matt, Mia & Hudson


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